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Jon voyage: Jon Stewart signs off from The Daily Show

After 16 years sitting behind the desk of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart signed off for the last time last Friday (Australian time). With the assistance of nearly every contributor to the show across his reign, video message taunts from some of his most notable targets, a Goodfellas-style narrated tour of his office and an […]

Dexter is Back!

Televisions favorite serial killer is back as Dexter heads into its eight and final season. The first few seasons of Dexter remain as impressive as any in contemporary serial dramas. However the slide in quality after the unforgettable finale of season 4 was as dramatic in its abruptness as to the depths it has since […]

Game of Thrones – Mhysa

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 10 ‘MHYSA’*** After the hysterics of last week Game of Thrones settled into a more considered tone for the last installment of season three. ‘Mhysa’ was a rather underwhelming conclusion to an inconsistent season of Game of Thrones. While it would be impossible to top […]

Game of Thrones – The Rains of Castamere: full episode review

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 9 ‘THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE’*** After a few initial thoughts here is the full episode review of a classic installment of Game of Thrones While much can be said about the final shocking moments of ‘The Rains of Castamere’, these reactions have in many ways […]

Game of Thrones – ‘The Rains of Castamere’: initial thoughts

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 9 ‘THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE’*** These are some initial thoughts and reactions to the events of the closing moments of ‘The Rains of Castamere’. A more detailed review of the episode as a whole will be posted later in the week. So, it happened. Regarded […]

Mad Men, Jake and Adam discuss Season 6 so far

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF MAD MEN SEASON 6 UP TO EPISODE 9 ‘THE BETTER HALF’*** Jake So what did you think of episode 9, ‘The Better Half’? Adam I really enjoyed it. I think it was clear that this episode had to do with the duality within the characters. The most obvious example being Megan playing twin […]

Game of Thrones – Second Sons

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 ‘SECOND SONS’*** After a couple of relatively lackluster episodes, ‘Second Sons’ begins to ramp up the pace in the final stretch towards the season finale. The most significant factor working in this episodes favour is its construction: focusing predominantly on three arcs while bookended […]

Game of Thrones – The Bear and the Maiden Fair

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 7 ‘THE BEAR AND THE MAIDEN FAIR’*** ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ is a very good episode of TV, and a stark improvement on last week’s ‘The Climb’, yet suffers from a lack of overall consistency in tone and thematic conceptualization. This episode was written […]

How I Met Your Mother Season 8: A Discussion

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF ALL OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER SEASON 8*** After the Season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother Jake and Joe sat down to discuss the big reveal, the overall quality of Season 8  and ask where will the show go from here? Jake So, Joe, the season 8 finale of […]

Game of Thrones – The Climb

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 ‘THE CLIMB’*** This week’s episode was unfortunately a fairly dull affair in the lands of Westeros. It was by no means a bad episode yet by the high standards this series has set was not a particularly memorable one. While it did reposition several […]