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The Battle of Britpop remembered

This month marked the 20th anniversary of perhaps the most public bust-up in pop music history: what has become known as the ‘Battle of Britpop’.


Jake’s Top 25 Songs of 2013

By Jacob Robinson Listening to music is an inherently subjective experience. But for some reason I feel an insatiable joy in poring over lists of publications ‘Best of’ lists. Partly this is through a genuine interest in finding music which I’ve overlooked throughout the year but partly it’s also because there’s a guilty joy in […]

Will’s Top 25 Songs of 2013

By Will Vann I’ve taken the following approach: I have been captured by a sadistic but incredibly specific axe murder who has informed me that I can listen to between one and 25 songs before he murders me, provided that all the songs came were released in 2013. He has yet to decide how many […]

Andy’s Top 25 Songs of 2013

By Andy Lynch This year I’ve probably listened to less music than I have over the past five to six. Without doubt, I’ve been to fewer gigs than ever before though thankfully there have been lifelines (in particular the likes of Will Evans and the Facebook feed of the irrepressible reviewer and best internet users […]

Top Songs of 2013

This year The Cultural Labyrinth has put together three music lovers to share their favourite songs of the year. It’s completely subjective, but amazingly fun. Friday: Andy’s top 25. Saturday: Will’s top 25. Sunday: Jake’s top 25. It’s a brilliant ride which we’ve all enjoyed sharing in and we invite you to come along for […]

Songs for the Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Happy public holiday for all my fellow Australians (except for West Australians). So please enjoy a few Queen related songs The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen The Stone Roses – Elizabeth, My Dear The Beatles  – Her Majesty (long version) The Smiths – The Queen is Dead Queen – Killer Queen The Libertines […]

10 Greatest Radiohead B-Sides

Radiohead have a glorious collection of albums through which you can spend endless hours delving into. However, they also have an incredibly extensive array of B-sides and extra songs which never quite made their way to the final cut. And so here is my favourite 10 Radiohead B-sides (in no particular order). Down is the New Up Apparently the […]

20 Years of The Hottest 100

Triple J’s Hottest 100 is the world’s biggest annual music poll is now 20 years old and to celebrate Triple J have been compiling a Hottest 100 of 1993-2012. Triple J has a unique place in how young Australians listen to music. In a country so geographically spread out, it’s remarkable that one radio station […]

A few songs for ANZAC Day

Today is ANZAC Day and a time for sombre celebration of all the men and women who made, and continue to make, pertinent sacrifices. In honor of those across the Tasman (and the first ever AFL game on foreign soil) here’s some Kiwi tunes:  

What Makes an Australian Sound?

I do a bi-weekly column entitled ‘Stereo in a Forest’ over at You’re Dripping Egg which you can check out here: What makes an Australian sound? I make reference to a few albums which i consider particularly awesome and Australian but just below you can have a listen to a couple of additional personal favourites. […]