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2001: A Space Odyssey at The Astor

The Astor belongs to the forgotten time of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema and all the glitz and glamour that surrounded it. The philosophy behind initial moving picture screenings was naturally adapted from the theatre and hence many of the original picture theatres were either converted or built in the same style. While no […]

Spoilers, ads and reviews: How do they affect us?

Spoilers trailers and advertisements have become an increasing part of culture and the way in which we consume popular culture. Movie trailers, TV advertisements and even the staccato release of tracks prior to an album release all serve the purpose of giving us an increasing idea of what we are in for before we consume […]

The Loneliest Planet

From writer/director Julia Loktev, The Loneliest Planet is a slow burning examination of personal relationships and the incredible fragility of the trust that holds them together. It is an exercise in disintegration. One moment, lasting only a few seconds, is all that it takes to breakthrough all the assumed pretensions underpinning these ties. The promotional […]