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2001: A Space Odyssey at The Astor

The Astor belongs to the forgotten time of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema and all the glitz and glamour that surrounded it. The philosophy behind initial moving picture screenings was naturally adapted from the theatre and hence many of the original picture theatres were either converted or built in the same style. While no […]

10 Greatest Radiohead B-Sides

Radiohead have a glorious collection of albums through which you can spend endless hours delving into. However, they also have an incredibly extensive array of B-sides and extra songs which never quite made their way to the final cut. And so here is my favourite 10 Radiohead B-sides (in no particular order). Down is the New Up Apparently the […]

Game of Thrones – Second Sons

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 ‘SECOND SONS’*** After a couple of relatively lackluster episodes, ‘Second Sons’ begins to ramp up the pace in the final stretch towards the season finale. The most significant factor working in this episodes favour is its construction: focusing predominantly on three arcs while bookended […]

20 Years of The Hottest 100

Triple J’s Hottest 100 is the world’s biggest annual music poll is now 20 years old and to celebrate Triple J have been compiling a Hottest 100 of 1993-2012. Triple J has a unique place in how young Australians listen to music. In a country so geographically spread out, it’s remarkable that one radio station […]

Game of Thrones – The Bear and the Maiden Fair

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 7 ‘THE BEAR AND THE MAIDEN FAIR’*** ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ is a very good episode of TV, and a stark improvement on last week’s ‘The Climb’, yet suffers from a lack of overall consistency in tone and thematic conceptualization. This episode was written […]

How I Met Your Mother Season 8: A Discussion

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF ALL OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER SEASON 8*** After the Season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother Jake and Joe sat down to discuss the big reveal, the overall quality of Season 8  and ask where will the show go from here? Jake So, Joe, the season 8 finale of […]


As you may have noticed it’s been slightly quiet on the posting front recently. Unfortunately illness and personal business has prevented me from updating as much as I would have hoped. Have no fear though that there is much in store for the future including a review of this weeks Game of Thrones episode, a look at how season 6 […]

Game of Thrones – The Climb

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 ‘THE CLIMB’*** This week’s episode was unfortunately a fairly dull affair in the lands of Westeros. It was by no means a bad episode yet by the high standards this series has set was not a particularly memorable one. While it did reposition several […]

Spoilers, ads and reviews: How do they affect us?

Spoilers trailers and advertisements have become an increasing part of culture and the way in which we consume popular culture. Movie trailers, TV advertisements and even the staccato release of tracks prior to an album release all serve the purpose of giving us an increasing idea of what we are in for before we consume […]