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Game of Thrones – Kissed By Fire

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 5 ‘KISSED BY FIRE’*** While last week’s episode was slightly lopsided in tone and driven to excellence by a few key sequences, ‘Kissed By Fire’ was a brilliant piece of storytelling that managed to bring a wide breadth of story arcs together as a continuous […]

A few songs for ANZAC Day

Today is ANZAC Day and a time for sombre celebration of all the men and women who made, and continue to make, pertinent sacrifices. In honor of those across the Tasman (and the first ever AFL game on foreign soil) here’s some Kiwi tunes:  

Game of Thrones – And Now His Watch Has Ended

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 4 “AND NOW HIS WATCH HAS ENDED”*** This was a somewhat schizophrenic episode in my mind, bridging a line between epic blockbuster fantasy and restrained drama. However I’ll start off with where it all finished and the first blockbuster set piece of this series. While […]

What Makes an Australian Sound?

I do a bi-weekly column entitled ‘Stereo in a Forest’ over at You’re Dripping Egg which you can check out here: What makes an Australian sound? I make reference to a few albums which i consider particularly awesome and Australian but just below you can have a listen to a couple of additional personal favourites. […]

The Empire Strikes Back! Empire of the Sun is ‘Alive’

Empire of the Sun’s new single ‘Alive’ debut on the radio earlier this week, stirred many thoughts and emotions. I had heard about its premiere on Triple J earlier in the day and diligently spent my afternoon glued to the radio. The anticipation and buildup to a music premiere is something which happens very rarely […]

Game of Thrones – The Walk of Punishment

I feel that Game of Thrones more than any other television show (perhaps ever) functions as a seasonal arc. By necessity of its fractured width of storytelling we are presented with glimpses of characters stories week by week that eventually tell a story.  Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss approached the construction of the season […]

A Few Songs for the Weekend

Wavves – Sail to the Sun The opening track and lead single off Wavves’ second album Afraid of Heights opens with a beautiful dreamy instrumental section before descending into a cathartic, raucous guitar pop jam.  John Lennon once mentioned that one of the keys to his early songwriting efforts was using lyrically depressing topics in […]

Delta Riggs album review

If you so care you can have a squiz at an album review I did on behalf of Tone Deaf.

Game of Thrones – Dark Wings, Dark Words

***WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 2 ‘DARK WINGS DARK WORDS’*** This wonderful episode served as a reminder of both episode serves two main purposes reintroducing us to some characters and the new characters that will help shape their storylines this season, while adding new layers to the depths of political […]

The Walking Dead – A Season 3 Post-Mortem

And so another season of the phenomenally successful The Walking Dead has shuffled off our screens. The Walking Dead seems to be just getting more and more popular with each passing episode. With the screening of the final dose of this season, ‘Welcome to the Tombs’, The Walking Dead amazingly was the most popular scripted […]